Kinkshaming Cameron-A guest post.

Why the revelations about the Prime Minister’s sexual history have been mishandled and ultimately present a danger to EVERYONE’S sexual freedom.


If you are a UK citizen, you will no doubt already be aware that David Cameron, 69th wave feminist and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, engaged in consensual relations with a pig’s head as a young man.

The story is a familiar one to anyone who has attended a UK university in the last 30 years. Lubricated by a few bottles of Bollinger, university students will often avail themselves of the services of Pig Sex Workers (PSWs) and, through the exchange of money, have consensual sex with them. This is actually good for these pigs. Some of them, such as the one Cameron had completely consensual oral intercourse with, do not even have bodies, let alone an independent source of income. By shaming Cameron and others like him we erode the rights of sex workers everywhere, who are dependent on men like Cameron to earn a living. The press, owned and edited by 2nd wave killjoys, would have these sex workers deprived of their right to survive. As sex positive feminists we need to stand against whorephobia whenever it appears, and I urge other feminists to speak out against the erasure of this headless pigs’ sexual autonomy. Even the language used to describe this worker-“decapitated pig’s head”-contributes to this violence against PSWs. I can hear the facile counter-arguments of the women’s libbers already: “economic coercion is rape,” “prostitution is not a choice,” and “severed pigs heads have nothing to do with with the horror of the global sex trade-” but the fact of the matter is they are wrong. They are wrong because I am a sex-work activist, a sex-positive feminist, and because I said so.

Whorephobia is only half of the problem. The fact of the matter is that as this PSW was missing a body at the time of this consensual sex act, we do not know how they identified. The press have refrained from using he or she pronouns in reference to this porcine sex worker, and on the surface this may seem like a respectful way to address the issue until the pig’s head can be reached for comment. But I say, this is not good enough. Misgendering is violence, and using gender neutral language is disrespectful without further information. Of course, the PSW may have identified as genderfluid, orbgender or pixelboy, in which case the press has, unwittingly, correctly gendered this PSW-but the fact that they have not made a greater effort to learn their gender identity contributes to the marginalisation, erasure and violence that trans people experience every day. Will you stand for this? Will I stand for this? No, sisters, brothers, xies, hirs, maveriques and sapiosexuals, we will not.

Which leads me to my most important point. What about me? As an ex sex-worker, transgender rights activist and pig afficionado, I am astonished that the press did not contact me immediately for comment. I say again-what about me? There are women out there-mainly lesbians-who still refuse to suck my dick, despite the fact I wear lipstick, and if the media does not focus all of their attention on ME and MY STRUGGLE all the time this farcical state of affairs can and will continue. Shame on you, Daily Express. Shame on you, The Guardian. I won’t forget your attack on sexual autonomy, your whorephobia and your outright refusal-once again! to talk about my womanly penis.

Yours sincerely,

Julia Serrano

EDIT-In a sad case of mistaken identity, outspoken American transactivist Julia Serano has threatened “appropriate action” in regards to this blog post.

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To clarify, this post was not written by that Julia Serano, but by late-transitioning Leeds-based pig farmer Julia Serrano.


Julia Serrano, yesterday

Sorry about the confusion, Julias!

Kinkshaming Cameron-A guest post.